Inked for Christchurch

doing our small part

Skinks Inspired 

Update: $59,440.80 Raised


After spotting a Facebook post from the crew who organised the New Plymouth Tattoo & Art Festival in 2010 and Skinks Nadine Bryant, about raising money to support those tattoo artists affected by the February 22nd 'Quake in Christchurch, I thought I'd add my bit and help by putting all the information in a single place.




Whats Happening

Tattoo Studios from all over New Zealand have stepped up and are giving New Zealanders the chance to help out.

Over the next few weeks, studios around New Zealand will be doing deals on tattoos and all proceeds of those days will be for the Christchurch Tattoo Community.

ALL Proceeds will be sent to an account set up by Nadine from Skinks and the money will be sent to Tattoo Artists affected by the Quake to help them rebuild shops, help their families etc.

Tribute to those lost...

Matti Makeekan from Southern Ink is one of the 75 New Zealanders so far lost to this natural disaster. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during their darkest days.

His family will be one of the many your money will help in this time of grief and pain.







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